Best Dental Clinic in Mysore

WHYTE DENTAL...the lounge experience is a unique comprehensive experience, for this is the place where you can find an amalgamation of Dental and Cosmetic specialists under one roof ranging from plastic surgery, hair replacement, dermatology ,scar and tattoo removal to Botox.

Located conveniently in V.V. Mohalla , with ample parking space available. We focus on establishing a caring and personalised relationship with each of our patients.

A 24x7 EMERGENCY helpline number is available for "after hour" care. You may call, message or even WHATSAPP on this number.



  • To provide Best treatment at Comfortable pricing by the experienced and highly skilled doctors from the corporate world.
  • To provide utmost care to ensure sterilization of instruments and equipments in order to safeguard our patients.
  • To constantly upgrade our services , techniques and equipment on a regular basis to provide you the latest and best dental treatment ranging from digital radiographs to laser dentistry.



  • To provide transparent and affordable treatment charges.
  • A complete range of options for your Dental, Cosmetic, and Implant problems
  • An team of highly-trained specialists with experience in every field of dentistry and implantology
  • Cutting edge surgical, dental, and radiological equipment
  • "Same Day" emergency appointments
  • A range of variable payment options
  • Flexible hours, including weekends
  • Personalised care and follow up.
  • The clinic aims at offering different specialities under one roof.


With the multidisciplinary approach the patients have an access to:

  • Cosmetic dentist: dental specialist that improves the appearance of a person's teeth, gums and/or bite.
  • Implantologist : specialist at planning and placing dental Implants.
  • Endodontist : Root Canal Treatment specialist.
  • Orthodontist : specialist at aligning teeth.
  • Pedodontist : specialist for children dental needs.
  • Laser dentist : specialist to perform treatment with dental laser.
  • Periodontist : bone and gum(gingival) specialist.
  • Prosthodontist : specialist at replacing lost teeth and external organs like eye , ear ,nose etc.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons : specialist to perform wisdom tooth extraction and complicated surgeries for improved looks or after an accident.
  • General surgeon and hair transplant specialist : specialist to inject Botox , remove wrinkles and perform hair transplant.
  • Dermatologist and plastic surgeon : skin specialist and performs surgery and treatment on/ for skin including removal of tattoos.